In the most favourite season – in the summer – each of us wishes to receive the maximum pleasure from rest of which the whole year dreamt. We are waiting for summer, as small regular miracle which fills all around with a shining sun, hot air, aroma of fruit, a smell of shish kebabs and smiles of health-resort visitors. Such summer is in Crimea.

Crimea is a unique resort, this fact is recognized by many, and it is challenged extremely seldom. After all this such combination – Black sea, mountain air, curative sources, the surprising nature, the most interesting history! Crimea can be visited all year long, and it can be opened for yourself again and again. And it is possible – to arrive in the hot summer or in the “velvet” autumn for feeling yourself the present health-resort visitor.

We invite you in the private hotel “EFSANE”, hospitably meeting tourists in the settlement of city type Rubachie, near to Alushta. In our hotel you can have a rest from city vanity, take pleasure in freshness of mountain air, relax in waves of the tender sea or be freshened in hotel pool. Living in the hotel “EFSANE” you can use all conditions which are offered to services of people – tasty cuisine, the parking, the pool, a billiard table with a view of the sea, shop with a set of essential commodities.

The cozy internal court yard can be used for a sit-round gathering until late at night in the open air under bright Crimean stars, and in rooms of the hotel there are all conditions for high-grade rest and restoration of force after hot day. You can familiarize with the detailed description of our rooms on the page Rooms, and see it on the page Photo Gallery.

Our hotel values the clients, giving comfortable conditions and keeping the optimum Prices. For this reason the number of our regular visitors grows from year to year, and we are glad to see familiar faces and to discuss the general memories. What memories are, you can see on the page Responses of Clients

We hope that you will also like in our hotel.